About HyperLedger Group

HyperLedger Group is a global conglomerate that consists of multiple businesses mainly operating in the blockchain industry.

Under this big umbrella, X-Force focuses on investments, Apis News focuses on Token Services; Here is also 0x90 Team focusing on blockchain project operation and consulting, and a well-know marketing team Blockchain Cheese, and GrandBit is a professional market making team. 

However, all teams & companies under Hyperledger Group works together in a seamless manner to achieve the same goals of world domination.



0x90 is an international team that has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years. It has always looked at self-operated or cooperative projects from a professional and unique perspective. 

Different from traditional incubators and other operating companies, 0x90 is known as a corporate doctor and a super screenwriter in the blockchain business because of the “24- Frame Deconstruction Method” to think and operate a project. So it has unique skills and reputation in project planning and execution. 


GrandBit is an experienced cryptocurrency market cap management team, which focuses on providing strategic consultants, market cap management market- making robot rental, as well as docking services on the tokens for the project party. And built a good reputation in the industry for a long time.

Blockchain Cheese

Blockchain Cheese is a marketing and branding agency focused on the blockchain industry. 

The core team members have rich experience in user growth and brand PR in the Internet industry and blockchain industry. 

As an integrated marketing services provider , we are committed to providing you with quality services.

Apis News

Apis News is a global blockchain information center under HyperLedger Group. It is also a one-stop blockchain service that integrates industry news, technologies, encyclopedias, communities, and ecosystem development services.

The team is composed of blockchain programmers, traders, editors, etc., pursuing the most timely, comprehensive, professional and accurate crypto news. Apis News aims to be the most technologically-savvy blockchain media in China.

X-Force Foundation

X-Force was a private investment group composed of blockchain enthusiasts from the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and the foundation that backs bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology is officially established in 2019.It focused on providing superior risk-adjusted returns by investing blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and mining industry.

At the same time, 1151-Labs, a subsidiary of X-Force, is a team focusing on early interaction of blockchain projects and public offerings in the primary market. 1151-Labs is committed to providing highly customized, high-quality AIRDROP interaction, IDO, IEO hosting services.

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